Cycling Trianing Program

Cycling Training Program - 12-week

Effective Cycling Training ProgramNever before have been making you a the offer to get a

  • 12-week Personalized Cycling Training Program!

You should take advantage of this offer if you want to prepare yourself for your primary season with healthy, efficient and inspiring training sessions.

Rider Comments:

The training program looks super cool :) It's also nice that it's not so complicated.

After our phone conversation you seem honest and I need new inspiration, and I want to go fast this summer!

Program 1 is a real challenge for the legs! The hardness on the road and duration fits me just fine so I train to my limit. I've looked at the season schedule and it looks good, now I can focus on the season's goals in a better way. I rode with another rider today. He had it hard when I ride in Training Zone 2 and in Training Zone 3 he couldn't keep up with me!

I am in pretty good shape - and I believe that your training is spot on for me! I am eager to see the effects when spring is approaching.

What do I get for my the money?

  1. You will be sent a questionaire which you must answer.
  2. Based on your answers about your age, weight, experience, training history, season goals etc. I personally sit down and make you a custom 12-week Cycling Training Program.
  3. Training is provided to you specified each day of the 12 week period with recommended Kilometers, Duration, Training Zone, Terrain, Duration of Interval, Interval Training Zone and Interval Terrain.
  4. You get a structure in your daily workout built up with my many years of experience and taking into account your current situation.
  5. You get the opportunity to extend your Training Program without responding to yet another questionnaire.

Bonus 1

As a Unique Extra Feature you get a complete overview of your season and your activities such as training camps, holidays etc. The Season Plan also gives you a unique overview of your goals during your season.

Bonus 2

Your Training program is created as an Excel spreadsheet. This can be your fully operational training diary for you to use in the future.

Contact me through the contact form

Tapering make use of the tapering method. Tapering is a way to construct a training program so you peak exactly when you plan to.

The tapering period and form depends on the current period of your season, objectives for the season and your personal preferenses. The off season tapering period is different from the pre-season and the in-season tapering planing.

How to start with this Cycling training program?

The price is only 99 USD for a 12-weeks of Cycling Training Program!

Nutrition and Meal Plan

We can offer you to get a fully customisable Nutrition and Meal Plan that fits to your training program. The plan is simple and very user friendly. Every day within the 12 weeks we provide you with a code. Typing this code, your age, your weight and choose wether or not you want to loose weight the plan calculate how many Proteins and Carbohydrates you need for this specific day.

The plan makes a total sum of our recommendations to your Nutrition and Meals divided into all main meals and snack for the whole day. We provide even you with how much you should eat/drink for each meal, when to drink a protein shake and when no to!

You are also able to mix your own diet through the day, and you will see if your choises meet your need for Proteins and Carbohydrates.

Effective Cycling Training ProgramThe plan gives you a varied diet and many choises so you can choosewhat youlike best such as: fish, rise, pasta, tomato sauce, oatmeal, milk, proteinbar etc.

The price for all 12 weeks are only 29 USD

Contact me through the contact form

and write your name, email and that you want a 12-week Cycling Training Program. Then I sent you a questionnaire.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jakob Andersen Get out there!


ImproveCycling Manager

Jakob Andersen


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